Reign of Winter

Flip this House

13 Erastus, 4713 – The Dancing Hut

Once the disorientation wears off, the party questions Zorka on what happened. She explains that with the addition of the keys to the cauldron, the Dancing Hut has teleported to a new location tuned to those keys. She says she knows how the teleport works but does not know where any specific keys are or what location they represent. Alabaster asks if there is a way to find out and she says there might be a book in the library. He asks her if she will fetch the book for him, even going so far as to offer her a small gift for assisting. She agrees and jumps into her hidey hole behind the fireplace. After several minutes she returns with a huge tome that appears to be several hundred pages thick which is titled “Locations and Landmarks, Vol I”. Alabaster is allowed to examine the book, but not to keep it.

Hunter decides to try using the Map Room to determine their location, but notice the door leading to it is gone. When he opens the door which he believes leads outside, he finds that it opens into a seemingly endless hallway in both directions and a door across the hall. Exploring the door across the hall, the party finds a storeroom and warrior guardian who speaks a strange language no one recognizes … at least until Svala realizes he is speaking in ancient Iobarian. They speak with him and discover he is Ratibor the Bold, former Iobarian warlord who is now cursed to stand watch and guard the Dancing Hut from all intruders, indicating the opposite doors leads outside. The party asks Zorka is she knows what the next set of keys are that they need and she says no, but indicates there might be clues inside the hut somewhere.

Unable to leave, the party decides to investigate the hallway and begin by heading left from the cauldron room. They walk for what feels like an hour and lose sight of the doors when they come across a single door on the left. Searching inside they find a dark, bramble-filled room. At first things are quiet and then a large raven flies down from the upper reaches of the room to address the party. He give them a riddle and says they are to face a challenge of strength in the next room. The PCs enter the next room and are attacked by a massive fiendish boar. The group defeats the boar and removes its tusk to provide the answer to the riddle. The raven gives Aiwendil an iron amulet and a clue, “This amulet holds only one of the three clues you seek. It reveals the first ingredient for Baba Yaga’s kettle. Look for this key where time catches up to us all.” As he flies off he gives a final message, “Look for the Mother when the moon is full!” Svala and Alabaster are able to translate the rune as ancient Iobarian for dragon

Leaving the side room, the party travels for another hour or so down the hall until they happen upon a second room, this one much darker than the previous one and it also hasa raven inside to greet the party. Charged to solve another riddle; the challenge of wit, the group enters a dark room filled with chalices sitting atop pedestals. Contemplating their options, Ingvar suddenly steps forward and picks up the chalice which answers the ravens riddle and is rewarded with another amulet and another clue, “You have taken upon yourselves a great burden, for that which you desire, the changeling holds. Know this as well — you will find the Crone only when the moon wanes.” The rune on this amulet translates to gold.

Again the party leaves to proceed further down the hallway only to come to another side room after a seemingly endless walk. This one a small garden of honeysuckle and lilac. A third raven challenges the party with another riddle as the previous two did; the challenge of endurance. After encountering an animated dream, the Svala is able to identify the dreams ‘identity as one of Baba Yaga’s former daughters and her greatest desire is freedom from Baba Yaga in form of vengeance. By providing the answer, Svala gets the ravens amulet and the last piece clue, “So be it. Seek now the Sisters Three who are one: Mother, Maiden, Crone. But know that the Maiden is elusive and may only be caught with the waxing moon.” The rune on the amulet is the symbol for Artrosa.

With the three clues, the group discusses what to do next as they feel they have what they need to begin searching for the keys, either retrace their steps through the huts or press forward further down the hallway. Ultimately, the decision is made to press forward and they continue down the hall in the previous direction. Another hour later, they come to a set of doors which are situated across the hall from each other. Checking the one on their left they find themselves back at the storeroom where they met Ratibor and realize they have made a completed what Alabaster calls an infinity loop.

The group questions Zorka and Ratibor on Artrosa and where to find it. Between the two of them, the PCs determine that Artrosa is another home on Golarion for Baba Yaga when she is not travelling in her Hut. Since the group does not know their exact location, they are not sure how far they are from it, but realize that they should be prepared for a long overland journey. Alabaster then points out the window and says they should be prepared for a fight as a large group of frost giants have surrounded the Hut and are preparing to attack.



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