Reign of Winter

Rescuing Ringeirr

Thronehold - Day 17

3 Erastus, 4713 – The Fishcamps

With the immediate danger to Tacey eliminated, the party gets about to infiltrating the warehouse and dealing with the antagonists in town. The doors to the warehouse are unlocked and easily ripped open by Ingvar. The group proceeds to pick their way though a maze of aisles formed by stack of crates and boxes, coming under near constant attack from bandits, while a single bowman on a balcony peppers them with arrows.

Slowly the party makes their way through the horde of ruffians and thugs and kills the major muscle for the bandit lord, a pair of ogres who answer to the leader of the bandits, Marcian Enixion. Whether he over estimated the ability of his thug band or underestimating the PCs, the leader is cornered and killed in a last ditch effort to escape from the PCs.

A thorough search of the warehouse finds Nadya’s uncle being held in an upstairs office. Just as two guards are about to kill him the PCs burst in and save him before they are able to carry out their plan. With the local thugs defeated, Ringeirr offers the party sanctuary in his home while in the Fishcamps, which they gladly accept.

The rest of the day and night is filled with everyone getting to know the local area as Ringeirr brings them up to speed on events in Whitethrone and the party shares there stories with him. Ringeirr says the first thing the party needs before taking any actions in Whitethrone are papers and he has a contact in The Howlings District which can provide them. He agrees to take you to him tomorrow.

During the course of the evening, Nadya informs her uncle on what all has transpired in Waldsby and the death of her daughter at the hands of the White Witch Nazhena Vasilliovna.



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