Reign of Winter

There's Something Fishy in The Fishcamps

Thronehold - Days 16-17

2 Erastus, 4713 – The Village of Ellsprin

The PCs pack up their sleds and depart Ellsprin and begin their path along the north shore of Glacier Lake toward Whitethrone. The day is largely uneventful but their are a few sightings of fishermen out on the lake in the distance. As the group progresses west they snowfall becomes more constant and the party eventually makes camp to weather the storm overnight.

3 Erastus, 4713 – The Plains to Thronehold

The snows from the nigh before have declined to a light but constant flurries. Shortly after lunch, the group comes upon a double bridge which crosses a double stream. The bridge is being “guarded” by some freshwater merrows who demand a “toll to cross.” Have the group is able to intimidate their way past the creatures but Aiwendil and Tacey are trapped on the near side away from the rest of the group. As Hunter crosses, he notices a dead body under the bridge and demands to have a look at it. The creatures refuse and a fight breaks out. After an intense but brief struggle, the party defeats the foul water-based fiends and discover the corpse of the traveling merchant. They collect his remains and give him a proper burial and then continue on their journey.

By early evening the group reaches the small collection of shacks and make-shift shelters which form The Fishcamps. As they explore the village they get a sense that things are very tense. In fact, the person they are wanting to meet, Nadya’s cousin Ringeirr Malenkov has been arrested for disturbing the peace. Thorugh some diplomatic negotiations and careful searching, the party finds out that he is being held captive in a warehouse down near the docks. by a local group of thugs known simply as the Fishcamps Guards.

When the PCs arrive at the warehouse, they find a small group of these toughs beating a defenseless man outside the warehouse. When the PCs try to intervene to rescue the mugging victim, the thugs try to take out their frustrations on the party and attack in a crowded alleyway. During the course of the attack Tacey tries to come around the bandits backside and come up behind them, but she instead runs headlong into a guard who in turn grapples her and the pair wind up rolling into the lake and fall through the ice. As the struggle on land comes to an end as two “guards” escape into the warehouse, Aiwendil transforms into an octopus and jumps into the water to save Tacey from drowning beneath the frozen surface. Eventually, the group is able to defeat all the ruffians in the alleyway and retrieve Tacey from the waters and get her some warm clothing before she begins to suffer from hyperthrmia.



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