Reign of Winter

26 Sarenith, 4713 – The Pale Tower

The party rests up overnight and early the next morning decide to leave for Whitethrone rather than rest further and use the Tower as a base of operations. Nadya states she will escort the party to Whitethrone, but she must return to Waldsby to gather her two sons. She knows that if they remain in Waldsby, they will be targeted by the forces of the White Witches and it is best to relocate them. Nadya proclaims, “I will not lose another child to one of those White bitches.” She knows a family cousin in a small village of Ellsprin, in the region of Thronehold who will help with the children and it is one the path to Whitethrone. The party agrees to escort Nadya back to town to secure her family and to make final preparations for a long cross country journey.

Many in Waldsby silently celebrate the parties efforts once they realize the Pale Tower has been defeated. The group is given much assistance by the Blacksmith, Priest and Merchant in making their preparations for the journey and helping to cover their tracks. Shortly after lunch, the party departs from Waldsby, initially heading south, but eventually turning back west once away from town so that any guards trying to track them down will be misled and search in the wrong area. Nadya also leaves notes that the group is headed for the border near Nadzieja Lato when in fact they are going toward Ludovny before they cut north to go around the eastern end of Glacier Lake.

Once again, the party encounters a large raven swarm but are able to defeat the efforts of these creatures and destroys and scatters much of the tiny spies for the witches. As the party approaches the area near the Pale Tower, they can determine that some group, assumed to be guards or trolls, has returned and reclaimed it so they give it a wide berth.

27 Sarenith, 4713 – Hoarwood Forest

During the second day of the journey the group is encounters and are attacked by a pair of giants known as veds. These creatures form a small hunting party but the group is able to defeat them without too much effort and claim the treasure in their trophy sack. After claiming what little treasure the veds carried, the group presses on uneventfully the rest of the day.

Toward the late afternoon the party spots the town of Luvodny in the distance and Nadya directs them to break from the path and head north across the frozen plains. This starts the group heading north and directly for the shores of Glacier Lake and the province of Thronehold.

28 Sarenith, 4713 – Plains of Hoarwood
Early on the third day they come across a cabin along the edge of the woods and are met by a beautiful red-haired woman who introduces herself as Sylja. She enlists the party’s aid in defeated a moss troll who is terrorizing the nearby area. She suspects the creature has killed her husband as he has not been home in several days which is not like him. She offers a great treasure and the use of her cabin as a overnight shelter in return for their assistance. The party agrees and after a quick bite to eat go in search of the troll.

Hunter soon finds tracks that look human in the area where they are directed to look and thinking it might be the woman’s husband, they follow them to a cave. Inside they encounter a large man covered from head to toe by a green mossy growth and realize that the troll is not a troll, but in fact this man. As they approach he attacks just as Aiwendil is mentally assaulted by some unseen entity. Vadoma determines there is an extra lifeform in the area while the rest of the party defends themselves from the green warrior and they soon realize it is Sylja’s husband Finngarth who has been taken over by a mindslaver mold.

This is a desperate struggle as the half-elves and the rest of the realize that any attack they try and deliver to the mold causes the creature to retract only for Finngarth to suffer the damage. After a while the group is able to subdue Finngarth (without killing him — although he does lose a finger) which forces the mold to abandon the body and seek a new host. Even though the fight is long and tedious, the party is finally able to destroy the mold and sets it remains on fire to insure there is no regrowth.

With Finngarth restored to normal the group escorts him home where he is happily reunited with his wife, which the party now discovers is a huldra. She thanks the party and upholds her agreement allowing the party to rest in the warmth of their home overnight. As an additional reward she gives the party a magical bear trap which provides some special magical detections and protections to its owner as a defensive item.

29 Sarenith, 4713 – Plains of Hoarwood

The next morning the group says their goodbyes and departs, but before they depart, Sylja bequeaths a special “gift” to Aiwendil which blesses him with good luck for the next day. The day itself is relatively uneventful (as a result of the blessing?) and the party makes good time. As the party prepares camp at the end of the day, Nadya sends her sons out to collect fire wood. After 30 minutes, Mjoli returns but Orm is missing and the group stops to investigate the disappearance. Aiwendil assumes the form of a falcon and flies off to search for the boy as the party splits into small groups fanning out in the area he was sent to collect wood.

Aiwendil quickly finds the boy with what appears to be a twisted ankle surrounded by a pack of wolves which seem to be stalking him as prey. (Was it skill or a lucky coincidence that he was found so easily?) Aiwendil calls out so that the other party members can find them and moves down to protect the child as the wolves move in for the kill. Rushing to where they are called, the party is able to very quickly defeat what turns out to be boreal wolvfes and rescue Orm. Then party returns to camp with the boy and wood and settle down to rest for the night. As precautions, Hunter places his newly acquired magical bear trap and Aiwendil prepares a special precautionary spell on his pouch which is carrying the key components for the Dancing Hut.

Shortly after midnight, a minor “explosive” poof wakes the group soon followed by the cries and shrieks of surprised Jinkins who who attempting to pilfer Aiwendil’s pouch. As the small creatures flee the camp, a couple of them wander into the bear trap and activate it killing them. With the immediate threat scattered and gone, the party settles back down for the rest of the night to weather the snow fall and cold.



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