Reign of Winter

Your Papers Please

Whitethrone - Day 18

4 Erastus, 4713 – Whitethrone – The Howlings

Ringeirr tells the party he will help them acquire papers to explain their presence in Whitethrone, but they will have to help him deliver some food supplies to some one of the resistance houses in town. With not many options, they agree. Ringeiir has the party members disguise themselves as some of his workers as they are delivering three carts of fish to the city. Nadya and Ten-Penny are elected to stay behind in case something goes wrong in order to mount a rescue, if needed. The party agrees to get them a set of papers for them even though they are not entering the city and they set out.

Skirting around the outside of the city walls, they eventually approach the gate to the Howlings district which is little more than a hole in the wall which the White Wolves have opened to come and go as they please. There is a female guard on duty and after a brief exchange and examination of the carts, she allows them to enter without much fanfare. However, before they clear the gate, she guard mistakes Aiwendil for a White Wolf in human form and invites him out for drinks later. Although courteous, he decides to ignore the invite.

Getting through the gate, the party makes their way to a secret safe house where Ringeirr is delivering the fish. At one point the party is challenged by a group of snow goblins out to extort some money from travellers, but Ingvar is able to Intimidate the goblins in leaving as his rimepelt makes the goblins believe that he is a Winter Wolf. Afterwards the group hides among some alleys to avoid the attentions of some mirror men, but ultimately they make it to the house relatively unobserved and make the delivery.

After delivering the fish to the safe house, the PCs begin to make their way back through The Howlings to meet up with Ringeirr’s contact for getting their papers. On the way Ingvar is accosted by two inebriated Winter Wolves who mistake him for one of their companions. Ingvar is able to Bluff his way past them and send them on a wild goose chase.

Afterwards the PCs encounter a man as he is obviously fleeing from someone. The someone turns out to be Winter Wolf in human form who states the man is an escaped slave and should be returned immediately. The PCs recognize that returning the man will result in his death or significant torture so rather bargain for his release. Believing that Ingvar and Aiwendil are both Winter Wolves (due to their rimepelts) the man agrees and leaves the group alone.

Even though the encounter is rather peaceful, it has drawn the attention of two large ice troll guards who begin to move down the street to investigate the commotion. The PCs are able to escape into the cul de sac where their contact is located and get inside before the guards can find and identify them. Once inside they are introduced to Mortiin, scribe and bookkeeper by day, resistance forger by night. After a brief discussion, the group all agrees that the best course is for the papers to pass off the PCs as Jadwiga Tashanna. He also gives them papers for authorization for conducting a gang and gang activities, specifically a stilyagi social gang known as the Winterblight of Taldor. In the case of Tacey, she is identified as the half-orc bodyguard/servant of Nadya (since neither one is present at the time).

With papers in hand, the group departs Mortiin’s home and returns to the relative safety of Ringeirr’s home in The Fishcamps. He tells the PCs that he will bring them to the Hideout of the local resistance leaders who can hopefully given them any further assistance they need and provide them with information regarding the Dancing Hut and the situation in Whitethrone.



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