Reign of Winter

Little Pig, Little Pig. Let Me In.

The Border Woods - Day 1 (evening)

18 Sarenith, 4713 – The Border Wood

1445 – The party continues along the path after crossing the frozen Wishbone Creek

1515 – As the party moves up a slope approaching a rise in the path they can hear the sound of voices shouting. Stealthily, the party investigates and finds four guards apparently arguing amongst themselves about being stuck with outside patrol duty. Aiwendil, Svala and Hunter sneak through the woods beside the path and get into place to attack. Suddenly a loud crack is heard from the woods and the guards notice Ingvar and the other party members moving along the path and challenge them. When Ingvar states they are headed to the Lodge to see the High Sentinels. One of the guards laughs and says “we took care of those pesky do-gooders and we will take care of you too if you don’t leave.” When the PCs do not withdraw the guards attack. While the party fights back two well-timed critical hits allow the PCs to easily defeat the guards. Before the last guard is killed he makes a reference to someone named “Rohkar at the Lodge.” These guards do not appear to be High Sentinels

1545 – The PCs follow the path until it finally opens out in a large clearing at the edge of Red Run Gorge. Sitting in the center of the clearing is High Sentinel Lodge. When the PCs approach the lodge, they set off a crossbow trap but no one is hit, but it does knock over a ceramic pot, sending a warning to those inside the house. As the rest of the party slowly approaches the cabin, Aiwendil decides to use the outhouse. Hunter is able to look into a side window and see several individuals dressed as the earlier guards.

After rejoining the party Aiwendil tries to Bluff his way into the house by calling out seeking shelter from the storm. Hunter sneaks around the back of the lodge and changes into the cloak of the raiders. The party are confronted by a group of guards which circled around from the front of the lodge (before Hunter made his way to the front). After several attempts by Aiwendil and Ingvar to talk their way in prove unsuccessful the guards attack.

The fight begins in the area between the lodge and the outhouse. Aiwendil, Svala and Ingvar prove to be devastating with their attacks and more guards join the fray from inside the lodge. Eventually Hunter makes his way around the lodge to pepper the guards outside with arrows as the fighters press the attack back into the lodge. Hunter feels as if he is being watched, but does not see anything.

Slowly, the struggle for the lodge makes its way inside as several more sick and weakened raiders join the fray. Eventually, the PCs fight their way inside and the last of the raiders surrender. As the party is about to investigate the upper room on the balcony, they are set upon by several frost skeletons. Backing away from the room the PCs draw the skeleton out onto the balcony where Vadoma channels positive energy which destroys them…and causes Rohkar to give out a cry of frustration revealing his location as he attempted to sneak out unseen.

Seeing that he is outnumbered Rohkar attempts to flee as he turns and flees back up the stairs into his planning room. When the PCs here a window break, Ingvar and Svala race up the stairs and jump out after Rohkar. Svala displays grace and agility by landing on her feet. Ingvar, not so much. Aiwendil and Hunter race back outside and around the lodge to chase after the fleeing brigand. Once more, Hunter and now the others feel the sensation of being watch but do not see anything.

As Rohkar flees toward a rickety rope bridge across the icy gorge, he realizes he will not be able to escape the heroes. In a last bid to save his life, he drops his weapon and offers to surrender and tell all he knows of the plans of the fey invaders. The party accepts his surrender and are leading him back to the lodge to interrogate him when some creature comes flying out of the woods across from the gorge swoops in and blasts Rohkar with a blast of cold, killing him. Hunter takes a blind shot and thinks he hits the creature but it still flies off back across the gorge.

Back inside the lodge, the party finds Lady Argentea locked away in a cellar and a half-orc named Ten-Penny Tacey hiding in the kitchen. The PCs decide to stay the night here to rest and recover and take stock of what they can. The party spends the rest of the evening searching the Lodge. They find a winter-touched sprite that Rohkar was holding prisoner.



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