Reign of Winter

Good job. Now get back out there.

The Border Woods - Day 3

21 Sarenith, 4713 – Heldren

The party finishes their resupply and everyone has acquired cold-weather outfits before heading back to the Lodge to make final preparations for the portal search. Ten-Penny Tacey elects to follow along with the group for the time being and the group accepts. A contingent of militia with carts follow behind the group to collect the bodies of the dead from the massacre site.

When the party reaches the site, they encounter a hungry bear who is seeking food. Rather than attack, they stay hidden down wind of the creature and eventually he wanders off. At about the time he ventures off, the militia arrive and begin collecting the dead to return to Heldren for burial.

The party follows the path back to the Lodge with out any events, but as they approach the Lodge once more, they realize the door is open and the sounds of fighting come from inside. As they carefully investigate, they find a group of Rohkar’s Raiders fighting a group of female warriors. The party intervenes on the side of the female warriors and the raiders are soon wiped out.

The leader of the female group introduces herself and her sisters (literally), a group of hunters who make their living in and around the Border Woods. They say they came to the Lodge seeking information and help from the High Sentinels when they encountered the winter weather. They gained entrance through the broken window upstairs. When the raiders arrived, they attacked the women who in turn defended themselves which is what the party witnessed when they entered. Hunter, as the last known person with any connection to the High Sentinels allows them to use the Lodge until such time as any official Sentinels can return to take control.

The party decides to camp out at the Lodge for one night with plans to depart first thing in the morning, cross the bridge and find the portal. The group decides to let the hunters keep all the spoils from the raiders.



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