Reign of Winter

Aliens!? We are the Aliens!

7 Abadius 4714 – Skyfire Mandate

With the acceptance of the Triaxian’s offer of entry into the fortress in return for the their defense in the upcoming battle, the party and the Triaxians set off together in traveling across the snow plains leading through the hills and valleys of the lead into the mountains around Spurhorn. Beyscalie is regaling the PCs on some of the back history on the political struggle which has led to the present conflict when the party is attacked by a trio of frost drakes. With the assistance of their dragonkin companions the party is able to fight off the attack and defeat the creatures without too much effort.

At the recommendation of the dragonkin, the party attempts to cover up the site of the battle with snow and debris as best as possible, however, it not too long afterwards that the party is discovered by a roving band of ceustodaemons which serve the enemy forces. These daemonic creatures give the party a bit more trouble due to their range magical attacks but eventually, these too fall short and the PCs destroy these unholy spies from the Dragonlands.

With their spells desperately low and needing to be recharged, the group settles for subterfuge and camouflage when they fear discovery for the third time. Using snow and terrain and a last little bit of magic as cover to the best of their ability, the heroes are able to elude a third roaming patrol, this time an ice seer and his dragonkin companion.

The final miles of their trek go more smoothly as patrols from Spurhorn itself come out to investigate the strange travelers and Beyscalie explains the humans recruited help to defend the keep. These patrols return to the fortress to bring of their expected arrival and when the PCs approach, the massive gates are opened to allow them entrance. Hunter, Aiwendil and Ingvar all surmise that attempting to enter without the assistance of their local Triaxian guide would have been suicidal at best as every individual in the fort is armed and well armored in preparation for an impending attack.

The PCs are escorted to private chambers where they are allowed to rest and clean up before they are to meet and be questioned by the Spurhorn Council. It is explained that although they have offered their assistance in the defense of the structure, the Commander has not accepted it yet. To gain his favor the party will need to address and answer the questions of his loyal captains and council.

After a brief respite to eat, wash and change clothes (and renew spells), the PCs are summoned to a large meeting chamber in the heart of the fortress where they are to meet Commander Pharamol, General of the Skyfire Mandate forces in this region. Much like in Vurnirn, word of the “strange hairless” travelers has generated curiosity in many of the Triaxian defenders who have never seen a Summerborn Triaxian, let alone a human, so the council chamber is filled with many onlookers seeking to access the party for themselves.

Introductions are made all around as the PCs are asked to provide their names and purpose. Beyscalie steps forward and provides an initial explanation of how she came about to her discovery of the party and why she allowed them come to the Fortress. Alabaster uses his comprehend languages spell to provide translation to the party members and in doing so, the Commander recognizing the language barrier, has one of his own sorcerers cast special Triaxian magic to enable all parties in the chamber to understand the words spoken in their own native tongue, regardless of language spoken in

With communications established, the heroes proceed to introduce themselves one by one and explain their presence in the Skyfire Mandate. In particular, The Commander is impressed with Ingvar’s confidence in his response that “if he needs to save another world to save his own, then there aren’t enough worlds to stop him from trying his best.” Several of the more sceptical council members question the authenticity of the party’s gesture as none of them know of a Baba Yaga. Aiwendil replies that a little more than the day before, they knew nothing of the existence of Triaxus, but that does not diminish the threat it faces, nor the sincerity of their offer of aid, as little as it may seem. In reply we ask nothing more than the acceptance of the danger we face and the steps we would go to end that threat.”

There are several more minutes of back and forth questions and answers, but in the end, the party is able to diplomatically win over enough council members to at least accept the party’s presence and aid. When questioned further about the specifics of the danger their homeworld of Golarion faces, Hunter and Alabaster explain the threat of the Ice Queen Elvanna and that they were brought here by a magical means in search of two keys needed to track down the one person who could defeat the Queen, Baba Yaga.

Eventually, it is revealed that one of the keys the party is seeking is a two-headed eagle. This intrigues Commander Pharamol as he knows he has the very thing they need. He asks about the second key, After an explanation, they realize that the second key is located somewhere within the Ice Fortress of Ivoryglass. Being a shrewd strategist and negotiator, Pharamol agrees that he will provide the party with the key they seek, provided they survive the siege battle and they return with the second key. If so, he will gladly part with his favored pet for the cause of saving one world in payment for saving his own. With his proclamation, the council meeting is adjourned and the party is returned to their quarters to make preparations for the impending battle but are afforded safe travel through all parts of the fortress (except those that are restricted to only officers) as any other defender.



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