Reign of Winter

I Feel the Earth Move Under My Feet

8 Abadius 4714 – Spurhorn Citadel

After resting overnight, the party sets about in helping with the preparations for defending the citadel. Ingvar and Svala help in the armory, constructing and organizing weapon head out while Hunter works with the crossbowmen in building arrows and bolts. Aiwendil meets with some of the seers to seek answers to why he feels a disturbance in the natural order. They do not know, but surmise that the Drakelands use of daemonic forces may be what he is sensing. Another theory is that the war itself is creating a violation in the natural order that can only be reset by ending the war. Vadoma assists the healers within the fort to prepare bandages and other critical first aid necessities. Alabaster coordinates with the sorcerors to understand the differences between Golarion and Triaxus and how that might affect the spellcasters in the group. He also does some studying of battlemaps to get a better understanding of the general layout and history of the region. Lastly, Tacey serves as a runner to pass information between the various groups (and to reconnoiter the fortress in case things turn bad and the party needs to make a hasty escape).

Largely the day is spent in a tense mood as a sense of impending doom seems to hang heavy in the freezing air of the mountains. Although the party does not wear uniforms, they are given badges to identify them as part of the forces of the Skyfire Mandate.

9 Abadius, 4714 — Spurhorn Citadel

It is a rough and tumble night as sleep does not come easy. There is high tension as the group awaits and shortly before dawn, the inevitable occurs; The Drakelands launch their assault. Even with practiced drill and discipline, there is chaos all around as the PCs make haste to the Commander’s war room to receive instructions. As they make their way across the courtyard, they are met by an officer who redirects them to one of the nearby ballistae towers. The ballistae are critical to the aerial defense and they are shortmanned. He needs the PCs to assist the small crew in holding off incoming forces until reinforcements arrive.

As the PCs approach the tower, they see three frost drakes rake the top of the tower with breath weapons and several screams are heard. Racing to the top, the party finds the defenders incapacitated and a group of barbarian warriors are hastily trying to dismantle the ballistae while their drake escorts provide cover. The heroes launch a coordinated attack of spells, arrows and blades and cut through the Drakelands attackers. Aiwendil assumes the form of a large eagle and keeps the drakes hampered so the heroes can kill them off. After several rounds the PCs defeat the drakes and barbarian attackers and save the valuable siege defenses. In the immediate aftermath, the heroes help the survivors of the frost drakes attack and man the defenses for several minutes (which seems like hours) in the mayhem of the assault.

Eventually, a platoon of reinforcements arrive and the party is about to return to the Commander’s war room when one of the soldiers points out two massive war hydras approaching the wall pushing siege engines to allow the Drakelands forces to breech the wall; two frost drakes are perched atop the engines as they are maneuvered into position. Aiwendil flies off toward the two huge beatsts as the party scrambles to try and reach the section of the wall being threatened.

Generations of Triaxians will repeat the legend of what happens next. At the height of the battle there came a sudden thundering crash as a giant stone warrior crashed from the skies in response to the prayers of the warpriests of Dahak.

What most did not see was that as the PCs were scrambling to get into position to intercept the new threat, Aiwendil, in eagle form, flies over and up until he is a couple hundred feet above the two hydras. He transforms into the form of a huge earth elemental and basically plummets back to the ground allowing his 35,000 pound body to become a massive stone missile as it decimates the two hydras, the siege engines and the frost drakes, not to mention the hundreds of foot soldiers hidden inside waiting to scramble over the walls..

Quite literally, the fighting stops completely for several seconds as both sides try to determine what just happened as the ground trembles for what seems like minutes and the low rumble of the crash reverberates through the air. Then slowly as the two forces comes to grips with the fact that they survived the crash and begin to resume the conflict, the rumble increases and then it becomes clear that an avalanche is racing down the sides of the mountains outside the citadel. The cascading rocks and snow crash into the Drakelands ground forces and wipes them from the battlefield.

With the immediate threat from the war hydras removed, the party moves back into the fortress to receive further orders. With only a few aerial forces remaining, the party and Trixian allies focus on a few remaining dragonkin and seers who are attacking the interior courtyard. As the PCs head back toward the inner courtyard, they come upon a small group of barbarians with ice seers trying to force an open a door to the inner bastion. The PCs attack them and dispatch them quite easily with the help of Hunters critical hits and Svala and Ingvar’s charges.

With the entrance to the inner bastion secured, the PCs spot a pair of massive dracolisks with a bronze dragonkin handler arrive near the main gate. Rushing to the defense, the PCs put up a vigorous assault taking the creatures unawares as they focused on the gate. They soon overwhelm them and the gate is saved from collapse and reinforcements arrive to defend it further. One of the lieutenants arrive and instruct the heroes to he has been sent to summon them back to the council room.

As the young draginkin is leading the party back, they come upon a scene where one of the Citadel’s leaders and heroes is injured and surrounded by three attacking Drakelands dragonkin. Understanding that she will not be able to defend herself, the lieutenant implores the PCs to intervene in an effort to save the fallen warrior. Charging in to the fray, Ingvar draws the attackers attention away from the injured Citadel leader and ultimately saves her as the party is relentless in their attack against the enemy forces. With the collapseof the Drakelands forces, the Triaxian and human defenders of the Skyfire Mandate are victorious and everyone comes together in the center of the courtyard to celebrate a miraculous victory against incredible odds.

Each survivor of the battle is given a chance to pick a treasured item from the collected treasure from the defeated. In the process of picking each of the party members gain a new magical item, however the most unique item is taken by Tacey who acquires a magical rope of climbing However, even a cursory examination indicates it is something more than just a magical rope.



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