Reign of Winter

Help Me to Help You

Whitethrone - Days 19-25

5-11 Erastus, 4713 – Whitethrone

The PCs set out early in the morning to head into Whitethrone in order to meet up with Ringeir’s resistance contacts and to exchange gear and replenish their supplies. With their newly forged papers, the PCs have little problems getting through the gates and into town. Even though society as a whole is repressed, the city itself is beautiful, if not a bit creepy at times, as compared to other cities in the realms. Ringierr leads the group to The Floes district to a small bathhouse across the street from the Water Palace, a greenhouse and spa for the city’s ruling elite. In the basement he guides them through a concealed door into the sewers and ultimately into a secret church to the goddess Milani, The Shrine of the Everbloom. At the shrine they are introduced to Solveig Ayrdahl, the head cleric of the church and leader of the Winterthrone contingent of the Heralds of Summer’s Return.

She explains the current situation in town with the overthrow of the Iron Guard and being replaced by Elvanna’s Winter Guard. She explains the situation with the Dancing Hut being shackled in the Merchant’s Square and the sudden appearance of a mysterious brambles and thickets which have grown up in town around the hut. She says that currently the Winter Guard are under the direction of Nazhena Vasilliovna and are desperately dealing with the situation with the square with little effect as any brambles cut down during the day are replaced overnight as it seems to be constantly growing. She does however offer a plan to the group which could allow them to gain access to the Dancing Hut of Baba Yaga with little interference from the authorities.

She offers that the Winter Guard commander known as Logrivich is stationed out of a clock tower near the Bone Gate. If the PCs were to kill him or otherwise decommision him, then she could get the former Iron Guard to revolt and provide the PCs with a distraction long enough to get to the Market Square and get to the Hut. The PCs agree with the overall plan but insist on some time to make preparations and trade in some gear and accumulated treasures to lessen the load they are carrying.

All in all, the group scouts out the town for about a week.



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