Reign of Winter

Hickory Dickory Dock

Whitethrone - Day 26

12 Erastus, 4713 – Whitethrone

After a week of preparations, the PCs decide the best time to attack is shortly after lunch when the guards will be somewhat prone to lethargy from being fed and from boredom of just sitting around the tower. Right before the party leaves, Solvieg asks them for a personal favor; to rescue her former lover who is being held prisoner in the tower by the dragon. Setting out shortly before lunch through town toward the Iron District where the clock tower is located, they arrive in the early afternoon.

As they approach the main ground entrance to the tower, they activate two carytid column guardians. A swift battle ensues, but is quickly dispatched without drawing any attention to the group as entrance is on the back side of the building away from most pedestrian traffic. Once inside the group encounters a couple groups of ice troll guards, one of which is still in the process of eating lunch. Although troublesome, these guards do not prove too difficult and are easily put down. A quick examination of the meal enables the Vadoma and others to determine that the trolls are eating the remains of small humans or children.

The PCs next encounter what appears to be a jail cell where they fight off a wiikiwak and a larger female ice troll who is captain of the guard. Again the fight is intense, but the PCs well coordinated attacks makes short work of the tower’s defenders. The rescue a small group of children being held in the cells who provide information on the occupants of the tower’s upper floors, to include one of their friends who was taken upstairs “by Granny Nan just this morning.” The kids also give incomplete information on “the two dragons”, “the weeping lady who sings”, and “Granny’s ghost”.

The PCs decide that they will send Ten-Penny will escort the kids back to the Shrine as she has the best chance of blending in with the crowd and can keep a low profile while keeping the kids safe. Once that is decided, the PCs proceed up into the top floors of the tower.

On the next floor, the group finds a small room where a child is being held in isolation. Although unharmed, the group is well aware of the child’s fate if they do not act quickly. They discover Granny Nan, a Jadwiga crone witch who immediately attacks to preserve the sanctum of the tower. In a calamity of errors, Aiwendil is hit by a curse by the witch which cause him to fumble his attack and effectively blocks the entrance while stumbling around to retrieve the spears he dropped. This temporarily isolates Svala with Granny Nan and her “ghost”, an attic whisperer. However, she is able to hold off their spells and attacks long enough to attack back and for the others to come to her assistance to finish off the crone.

In the next room over, the PCs are attacks by the tower’s second “dragon”, a large animated iron stove which rumbles and bellows as it attacks Svala, Acting quickly she grabs its two front legs and flips it backwards rendering it more vulnerable to the group’s total attacks and thus are able to beat off this menace as well.

On the next floor up, the party discovers the prisoner; a Chelish opera singer by the name of Bella Belvorica. she explains her blight and thanks the party profusely for her rescue. She indicates the dragon Logrivich is upstairs in the upper clockworks. The party sends her down stairs to protect the child on the floor below and wait for their return.

The final assault is a perfectly timed accident which plays to the party’s benefit. Aiwendil and Hunter approach flying from the outside, invisible. The rest of the party sneak up to a trapdoor entrance from the main clockworks. The dragon had set up a small bag of loose coins on top of the trapdoor as a signal for any intruders to her level. When Svala and the others open the door, the coins jingle which causes the dragon to turn to see who approaches, with plans to use her breath weapon and freeze them.

However, as the dragon turns, Aiwendil unleashes his stone call spell while Hunter lets loose with a burst of arrows, one of which is a massively critical hit (pretty much maxxed out every roll). Enraged, the arrogant dragon turns back and takes flight to see who dares to assault it, allowing the rest of the party to come up the ladder unimpeded. Logrivich let’s loose with its breath weapon wildly in hopes of catching any nearby attackers, but Aiwendil and Hunter are out of range. Even though in flight, the dragon is caught between all attackers and is dispatched quickly, sending its dead body plummeting to the ground.

With the Iron Guard from the tower defeated, the party activates one of the signal falres given to them by the Solveig, and very slowly, they can hear the sounds of local skermishes rising over the sounds of the city; the former Winter Guard is attacking the Queen’s Iron Guard. The party makes haste in collecting any spoils they can gather and then vacating the tower to head back to the Shrine of the Everbloom to make their final push toward Market Square and the Dancing Hut of Baba Yaga.



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