Reign of Winter

Taking the Fight to the Enemy

10 Abadius 4714 – Spurhorn Citadel

There is little rest as the defenders of Spurhorn celebrate long into the night. The heroes are caught up in the festivities as well, especially Ingvar who regales the dragonkin with stories and tales of the PCs adventures, most of which are embellished through the appropriate application of alcohol.

While the celebrations continues, several of the PCs are summoned to Commander Pharamol’s war room where plans are drawn up to conduct a counterattack on the Drakelands regional command post, the location of which was identified on a series of papers captured from some of the dead attackers. It is determined that a detachment of dragonkin warriors will accompany the PCs to attack General Malesinder’s headquarters. The group plans on a late night attack and the rest of the day is spent preparing spells and armor for what is hoped to be a surprise assault.

During the day, the PCs are approached by several of the dragonkin of the Legion approach the PCs and humbly ask them to serve as their riders, in fact Hunter and Alabaster and Tacey are asked to form a rider bond. Each points out that in time they hope to depart the planet, but agrees to serve as such as long as they are on Triaxus in the Skyfire Mandate.

The forces have a dinner feast and the dragonkin shamen offer prayers for a successful raid and then the troops depart to meet up with the advance scout team.

11 Abadius, 4714 — Spurhorn Citadel

It is shortly after midnight when the Skyfire forces



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