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  • There is something fishy in The Fishcamps

    2 Erastus, 4713 The Village of Ellsprin

    The PCs pack up their sleds and depart Ellsprin and begin their path along the north shore of Glacier Lake toward Whitethrone. The day is largely uneventful but their are a few

  • REscuing Ringeirr

    3 Erastus, 4713 The Fishcamps

    With the immediate danger to Tacey eliminated, the party gets about to infiltrating the warehouse and dealing with the antagonists in town. The doors to the warehouse are unlocked and

  • Calendar

    In my world, each month is 30 days long with 5 extra holidays which fall between the months. Four of these special days mark the transition of the seasons and generally lines up with the solstices and equinox that we know of. The fifth day is the start

  • Taldor NPCs

    Heldren Town Council Consists of Ionnia Teppen, Elder Safander, Isker Euphram, Menander Garimos, Alexius Demetri and Lycio Vallant. Although both Alexious and Lycio are members, due to concerns of undue influence in any one matter,

  • Current Aristocracy

    Irrisens government consists of the following individuals chain of command

    Queen of Irrisen: Elvanna, Fourteenth Daughter of Baba Yaga
    Thronehold: Princess Cassisoche Elvanna, Duchess of Thronehold

  • Irrisen Society


    The citizens of Irrisen are like most nations are made up of an eclectic collection of races. However, unlike most nations, a large portion of those races are fey, troll, giant and lycanthrope-like winter wolves. Even

  • Irrisen Settlements

    Settlements are listed alphabetically by province with the province capital annotated with a *



  • Taldor Geography

    Once a lush forested land that stretched from border to border, six millennia of settlement has reduced the mighty forests of Taldor to a few select druid-protected areas. Largely rolling grasslands now, Taldor is framed by two major rivers, two major

  • Taldor Features

    Physical Features and landmarks which travelers in Taldor may encounter

    Verduran Forest, Border Wood

    Rivers & Waterways:
    Jalrune River, Sellen River, River

  • Taldor Settlements

    The major settlements of Taldor are listed alphabetically with the capital in bold.

    Inner Sea Coast
    Merciful Bay

  • Taldor Society


    Taldor started out as a predominantly human nation, but over the course of 6 millennia of conquests it has become more cosmopolitan as it encountered other races and cultures into its empire. In the course of empire-

  • frost skeletons

    The pile of bones suddenly stirs, rising up to take on a human shape and bursts into blue-white icerime cold. Its long, bony fingers reach out to claw at the living, enshrouded with an unending cold that freezes to the core.

  • frost firs

    The faint scent of pine sap accompanies this vaguely tree-shaped creature, which stands on two towering trunklike legs. Its arms resemble the branches of snow-laden conifer.

  • Rohkar Cindren

    A tall burly man of gruff voiceand appearance. He wears a large white-furred cloak over his attire and carries a short sword in his right hand. He gives a glare as he looks at you.

  • Izoze

    This small humanoid creature has thin, leathery wings, small horns, and a mischievous smile

  • Hommelstaub

    Unlike a typical atomie, this creature brandishes a tiny sickle. A pair of dragonfly wings holds the wee creature aloft as it prepares a spell.

  • Teb Knotten

    This large and lanky moss-colored humanoid has an elongated, toothy snout and appears to be covered in bits of foliage.

  • ogre

    The stooped giant blinks its dim eyes and an excess of soupy drool spills over its bulbous lips. It snarls as it charges, a sound the offspring of bear and man might make, showing flat black teeth well suited for grinding bones to paste.

  • mandragora

    This filthy creature resembles a small, wide-mouthed fat child made from leaves, vines, tree bark, dirt, and pallid tubers.

  • High Sentinels

    For many years, an organization of Taldan rangers called the High Sentinels operated out of the Southern Prefecture of Taldan near Heldren. Headquartered in a fortified lodge which bore their name, this group was charged with guarding the forest against

  • Hoarwood Forest

    The Hoarwood Forest is the only sizeable woodland within the ever-winter realm of Irrisen. Located in the southeast of the country within the province that bears its name, the Hoarwood Forest is the predominant natural feature of the province. Early in

  • Radosek Pavril

    Radosek is a tall man, whose dark hair and gaunt features make clear that he is not native to Irrisen or of Ulfen stock. His long hair and pointed beard are styled after Taldan nobility. His robes are of fine quality and fur-lined. In his

  • Volan Sertane

    An over-confidant blowhard who has bullied the citizens of Waldsby for years, Volan Sertane is typical of the soldiers at the Pale Tower who rely on the fear of their patron and mistress, the White Witch Nazhena Vasilliovna, rather than their own

  • Nadya Petska

    A young mother of three, the rebellious and wilderness-savvy widow struggles to import much-needed food and supplies to the village of Waldsby, all while nursing a hatred of the White Witches of Irrisen. Her passions and hatreds are as intense as

  • Hestrig Orlov

    Unlike the other guards which are nothing more than a slightly organized rabble, this tall blonde Ulfen woman exudes the confidence of an expert Ulfen warrior. The Captain of the Guard gives a loud howl as a challenge of combat, almost draconic in

  • Grand Campaign

    The Grand Campaign was a major conflict between Taldor and Qadira that lasted 524 years. The roots of the conflict were laid many years before the actual conflict and the results are still being felt over a century after the last battle.

  • Black Midnight

    A man with curling rams horns sits astride a snorting, stamping black warhorse, gripping a dark, battle-worn spear.

  • giant mantis

    This towering insect walks on its back four legs. Its head is triangular and its front legs sport razor-sharp edges and claws.

  • raven swarm

    A screeching cawing whirlwind of buffeting wings, clawing talons and pecking beaks.

  • glacial ooze

    At first glance what appears to be a snow bank or mound of snow reveals itself to be a sentient creature formed of snow and ice.

  • boar

    This ill-tempered beasts tiny, bloodshot eyes glare angrily above a mouth filled with sharp tusks.

    CR 2
    XP 600
    N medium animal
    Init +0; Senses

  • Pale Tower Guards

    Loyal to a fault, these soldiers are dedicated to serving Nazhena Vasilliovna and are willing to lay down their lives for her.

  • domovoi

    Barely knee high, this small creature looks like a hairy old man who is mostly beard.

  • winter wolf

    This bear-sized wolf has white fur and a rime of frost around its muzzle. Its eyes are pale blue, almost white in color.

  • witchcrow

    With a raucous cry and a flurry of feathered wings, this jet-black bird takes to the air, an unnatural gleam in its otherworldly eyes.

  • ice troll

    This large creature has light blue-green skin and cold, piercing eyes. Dressed in rough furs, its tusked jaw juts forth in a long underbite.

  • spriggan

    This creature resembles an ugly, stocky gnome with a bulbous nose and reddish eyes. It has a shaggy dark mustache and ratty beard, both unkempt and caked with dirt and filth.

  • doppelganger

    This grayish humanoid creature seems almost unfinished, with a narrow head, gaunt limbs, and a sinister, noseless face.

  • ved

    This hairy humanoid giants misshapen head appears too large for its body. It wields a lumpy, primitive club.

  • huldra

    This beautiful woman smiles coyly, but as she turns, her foxlike tail and the wood-lined hollow inside her back reveal her true fey nature.

  • Mierul Ardelain

    Driven into Irrisen many years ago for her unscrupulous acts, she became a traveling bard, playing a circuit through Irrisens remote villages and towns, always paying her respect to the White Witch who governed the region. In time she

  • mindslaver mold

    A thick sheet of filthy green fungus grows in twisting patterns across the shoulders and back of this feral-looking man.

  • boreal wolf

    This powerful, white-furred canine watches its prey with piercing, pale blue eyes, darting its tongue across sharp, ivory teeth.

  • gremlins

    Grimacing like a maniac, this lean little bat-eared horror displays a mouth full of needle-like teeth and glowing, orange eyes.

    CR 1
    XP 400
    CE tiny fey
    Init +4;

  • winter-touched jinkins

    Grimacing like a maniac, this lean little bat-eared horror displays a mouth full of needle-like teeth and glowing, orange eyes.

  • megaloceros

    The massive and majestic elk stands fully the height of a human at its shoulder, and its antlers stretch over ten feet across.

  • worg

    This unusually large wolf has an evil, almost intelligent light shining in its deep red eyes.

  • snow goblin

    This creature stands barely three feet tall, its scrawny, humanoid body dwarfed by its wide, ungainly head. Bright red eyes contrast with its eerily sick blue skin as a mouthful of pointed teeth grins with evil intent.

  • huecuva

    Rotting vestments hang across the withered flesh of this walking corpse, and its mouth hangs open in a silent scream.

  • winter quickling

    This creature resembles a short and slight pale blue-skinned elf wearing drab clothes and a wicked grin. In a blink, the thing darts from sight.

  • winter twigjack

    This miniscule, humanoid creature seems to be made completely of bundles of sticks wound with icy, thorny vines.

  • faun

    This capricious figure has the upper torso, arms, and head of a man, but goat-like legs, a tail, and curling horns on his head.

  • Pjallerane's Stone

    Known as the 24-Hour War, Queen Pjalleranes futile efforts to resist leaving Irrisen with Baba Yaga lasted less than a day. As a result, the shores of Glacier Lake were lined with the crucified, tarred and flaming bodies of the Jadwiga

  • Ulsgaard

    What was once a thriving and prosperous village before the Winter War, the town of Ulsgaard is now nothing more than a collection of ruined buildings and piles of snow-covered stones which does not show on any map. The only structure which stands

  • Granny Nan

    Nan Hestreka aka Granny Nan is a spinster Jadwiga witch crone from a relatively obscure bloodline. Forced to sell her belongings to make ends meet, the White Witches deemed this unseemly for one of noble statue and, in a rare moment of compassion

  • Nazhena Vasilliovna

    Tall with striking blue eyes, platinum blond hair and a flawless pale complexion, Nazhena Vasilliovna is the epitome of Irriseni beauty. However the former mistress of the Pale Tower has a heart as cold as the Irrisen landscape. She not only has

  • Logrivich

    Arrogant and egotistical, Queen Elvanna appointed the young white dragon Logrivich to her Winter Guard as one of her commanders. He rules the skies over the city with a cruel efficiency from a high clock tower on the north side of town.

  • the gobbler

    A black iron monster with feet molded to look like the claws of a beast, it is a mindless construct but carries the malignant evil intent, haunted by the spirits of countless children devoured in its maw. The serrated jaws of its oven door snap

  • Shrine of the Everbloom

    Built secretly by druids over the course of several decades, the shrine is located in a secret subterranean level at the very heart of the capital city of Whitethrone. Although physically located several feet beneath Irrisens Water Palace, there is no

  • Dancing Hut NPCs

    Zorka a strange fey creature who serves as a caretaker for the Dancing Hut in the absence of Baba Yaga. With the current absence of her mistress, she is a bit frazzled at the appearance of strangers in the Dancing Hut. Her statistics can be

  • Zorka

    One of Baba Yagas servants who live in the Dancing Hut, this fey house spirit dresses as a peasant, wearing a red shawl over her stringy black hair and hunched frame. However, she also has a birds beak, donkeys ears, clawed

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