Earth Geography

Earth is the third planet of the Sol solar system. There are a total of nine planets which revolve around the Earth Sun. It takes the Earth 365 days to make a single rotation around its sun. By coincidence, this is the same number of days as it takes Golarion to make a single rotation about its sun. Earth is about 75% water on its surface with the majority of the land masses consisting of seven continental formations. These continents are North and South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia and Antartica.

The nation of Russia is a massive nation which stretches from northeast Europe across the northern tier of Asia and is the singular largest nation on Earth. It consists of a land area of over 6.6 million square miles. In game terms this is a land area equivalent to a nation stretching from one end of Avistan to the other end of Casmaran. Although it is the largest nation by area it is only the seventh largest by population as much of eastern and northern Russia is largely unpopulated wilderness.

At the time of the party’s arrival in Russia, the country is in a state of civil war and no true capital exists. The two factions that are fighting for control are the Communist Bolsheviks led by Lenin who controls his forces from Moscow and the anti-communist White Army which seeks to reestablish a form of monarchy/diplomatic governance. They are decentralized with elements of control in regions of Siberia, Ukraine and Crimea.

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Earth Geography

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