lurkers in the light

This small humanoid lurks at the edge of illumination, its fine features bleeding away at the edges, making it appear blurred and out of focus. Moving into the light, it vanishes, but its invisible presence is tangible as a feeling of being watched.


CR 8
XP 4,800
N Large magical beast
Init +4; Senses darkvision 60 ft., low-light vision, scent; Perception +17

AC 20, touch 9, flat-footed 20 ( +11 natural, –1 size)
hp 100 (8d10 +56)
Fort +13, Ref +6, Will +7

Speed 30 ft.
Melee gore +14 (2d8 +7), 2 hooves +9 (1d6 +3)
Space 10 ft.; Reach 5 ft.
Special Attacks breath weapon (60-foot cone, turn to stone, Fortitude [DC 21] negates), trample (2d8 +10, [DC 21])

Str 24, Dex 10 Con 24, Int 2, Wis 16, Cha 9
Base Atk +8; CMB +16 ; CMD 26
Feats Improved Initiative, Iron Will, Power Attack, Skill Focus (Perception)
Skills Perception +17

Special Abilities
Breath Weapon (Su) A gorgon can use its breath weapon once every 1d4 +1 rounds to create a 60-foot cone of green gas. Those caught in the area of the gas can attempt a DC 21 Fortitude save to resist the effects, but those who fail the save are immediately petrified. This petrification is temporary—each round, a petrified creature can attempt a new DC 21 Fortitude save to recover from the petrification as long as it is not caught within the area of effect of the gorgon’s breath weapon a second time while petrified. A creature exposed to the gorgon’s breath a second time while already petrified becomes permanently petrified, and can no longer attempt to make additional Fortitude saves to recover naturally. The save DC is Constitution-based.

Trample (Ex) As a full-round action, a creature with the trample ability can attempt to overrun any creature that is at least one size category Smaller than itself. This works just like the overrun combat maneuver, but the trampling creature does not need to make a check, it merely has to move over opponents in its path. Targets of a trample take an amount of damage equal to the trampling creature’s slam damage + 1-1/2 times its Str modifier.

Targets of a trample can make an attack of opportunity, but at a –4 penalty. If targets forgo an attack of opportunity, they can attempt to avoid the trampling creature and receive a Reflex save to take half damage. The save DC against a creature’s trample attack is 10 + 1/2 the creature’s HD + the creature’s Str modifier (the exact DC is given in the creature’s descriptive text). A trampling creature can only deal trampling damage to each target once per round, no matter how many times its movement takes it over a target creature.

Environment temperate plains, rocky hills, and underground
Organization solitary, pair, pack (3–4), or herd (5–12)
Treasure none

Gorgons are magical, foul-tempered creatures—while they might appear to be constructs at first glance, beneath their artificial-looking armor plates they are made of flesh and bone. Like aggressive bulls, they challenge any unfamiliar creature they encounter, often trampling their opponent’s corpse or shattering its stony remnants until the creature is unrecognizable. The females are just as dangerous as the males, and the two sexes appear identical. A typical gorgon stands 6 feet tall and 8 feet long. It weighs 4,000 pounds.

Gorgons derive nutrients from the consumption of minerals, particularly the stone of their petrified victims, and any statues they create are likely to be gnawed thoroughly. They cannot digest metal or gems, so their dung (which resembles bitter-smelling gray powder) often contains small, raw crystals and nuggets of ore. Their aggression toward all other creatures means that there are few to no predators or other prey animals in their grazing grounds. Each herd is led by a dominant bull; solitary gorgons are usually adolescent bulls driven out of their herd by the lead bull.

Their flesh is tough but beefy (once the armored hide is removed), and to those who acquire the taste, quite filling. Many stone giant tribes believe eating gorgon meat enhances their own natural armor. Powdered gorgon horn is worth 250 gp as an alternate material component for magic items using bull’s strength, stoneskin, flesh to stone, statue, and similar magics.


lurkers in the light

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