lurker in the light

This small humanoid lurks at the edge of illumination, its fine features bleeding away at the edges, making it appear blurred and out of focus. Moving into the light, it vanishes, but its invisible presence is tangible as a feeling of being watched.


CR 5
XP 1,600

NE Small fey (extraplanar)
Init +8; Senses low-light vision; Perception +16

AC 18, touch 15, flat-footed 14 ( +4 Dex, +3 natural, +1 size)
hp 44 (8d6 +16)
Fort +4, Ref +10, Will +9
Defensive Abilities blend with light; Immune blindness
Dmg Reduction 5/cold iron

Speed 30 ft., fly 30ft. (average)
Melee 2 claws +9 (1d3 +1) or dagger +9 (1d3 +1/19-20 plus poison)
Special Attacks sneak attack +3d6

Spell-Like Abilities (CL 8; concentration +11)
At will dancing lights, flare (DC 13), ghost sound (DC 13), light, mage hand
3/day daylight, blindness/deafness (DC 16)

Str 13, Dex 18 Con 15, Int 14, Wis 16, Cha 17
Base Atk +4; CMB +4 ; CMD 18
Feats Alertness, Flyby Attack, Improved Initiative, Weapon Finesse
Skills Acrobatics +15, Escape Artist +15, Fly +17, Knowledge (arcana) +10, Knowledge (planes) +10, Perception +16, Stealth +19, Survival +11
Languages Aklo, Common, Sylvan
SQ daylight door, poison use, ritual gate

Special Abilities
Blend with Light (Su) In areas of bright light, lurkers are invisible. As with greater invisibility, they may attack and still remain invisible. In shadowy illumination, a lurker loses this invisibility, though like all creatures in shadows, they have concealment unless the viewer has darkvision. If the lurker is flying, its fluttering wings partially negate this effect, giving it only partial concealment (20%) rather than total concealment.

Daylight Door (Sp) Once per day, a lurker can use dimension door, transporting only itself and up to 50 pounds of material. The start and end points of the teleport must be in areas of bright light; if the destination lacks sufficient light, the teleport fails but does not expend the ability for the day.

Poison Use (Ex) Lurkers typically coat their daggers with shadow essence poison.
Shadow essence poison: Injury; save Fortitude DC 17; frequency 1/round for 6 rounds; initial effect 1 Str drain; secondary effect 1d3 Str damage; cure 1 save.

Ritual Gate (Su) By sacrificing one or more humanoid victims, a lurker or group of lurkers can create a gate to the Material Plane, one of the Elemental Planes, or the realm of the fey, either to return home or to conjure allies. Creating a gate for travel requires the sacrifice of five victims—the gate created remains open for 1 minute. Creating a gate to bring allies to the Material Plane requires one sacrifice for every HD of the creature intended to pass through the gate (so five sacrifices can bring a lurker or a Medium air elemental, eight can bring a Large earth elemental, and so on). The sacrifices do not need to be simultaneous; as long all sacrifices occur at some point during the hour-long ritual, the magic continues to build until it reaches the required total.

Sneak Attack (Ex)
If an creature can catch an opponent when unable to defend themselves effectively from attack, they can strike a vital spot for extra damage. A sneak attack deals extra damage anytime the target would be denied a Dexterity bonus to AC (whether the target actually has a Dexterity bonus or not), or when they flank the target. This extra damage is 1d6 at 1st level, and increases by 1d6 every two rogue levels thereafter. Should they score a critical hit with a sneak attack, this extra damage is not multiplied. Ranged attacks can count as sneak attacks only if the target is within 30 feet.

If using a weapon that deals nonlethal damage (like a sap, whip, or an unarmed strike), a sneak attack deals nonlethal damage instead of lethal damage. She cannot use a weapon that deals lethal damage to deal nonlethal damage in a sneak attack, not even with the usual –4 penalty.

The attacker must be able to see the target well enough to pick out a vital spot and must be able to reach such a spot. The attacker cannot sneak attack while striking a creature with concealment.


lurker in the light

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